School Lunch Delivery in Phoenix, AZ

Healthy School Lunch Delivery in Phoenix, AZ

Wholesome Food Services was started to make it easier for busy parents to provide their children with healthy and delicious school lunches. As parents, you realize the importance of fueling children’s bodies with the right foods to keep their immune systems strong and their brains sharp. We make heathy, nutritious and delicious lunches from restaurants your children already know and love.

Nutritious Lunches

Delivered Fresh

On-Time and Accurate

Effortless Fundraising

  • Convenient School Lunches in Phoenix

    Give yourself a break from all of the shopping and prep involved in ensuring that your students have delicious and healthy lunches. At Wholesome Food Services, we help make your days a little easier. Our online ordering conveniently allows you to order days, weeks and even a couple months in advance. For the peace of mind that goes along with knowing your child is eating a heathy lunch, we've got you covered.
  • Reliable Restaurant Lunch Delivery for Your School

    At Wholesome Food Services, parents order in advance and food is labeled and delivered to their child’s school. We handle it all for you. From ordering, billing, and delivery of healthy, delicious meals from restaurants and caterers, we make the entire process of providing a meal easy and seamless. Our food is freshly prepared and carried in proper warming/cooling units ensuring freshness at arrival.
  • School Lunch Delivery Program in Phoenix

    For a unique school lunch program providing great lunch options for your students and staff in Arizona, as well as a comprehensive lunch program administration for schools, look no further than Wholesome Food Services. Contact us to learn more.