School Lunch Delivery in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

Healthy School Lunch Delivery in Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas

Busy parents want their children to have nutritious lunches to enjoy at school but get frustrated trying to create them. They are short on time or creativity when it comes to deciding what to pack. When these busy parents realize they no longer have to make lunches, it is like a weight lifted! We can help!

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  • Delicious and Nutritious School Lunches Delivered in Dallas-Ft. Worth

    Families in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas are finding new options for their children's midday school meal thanks to Wholesome Food Services. At Wholesome Food Services, we work with Dallas-Ft. Worth area restaurants to create a variety of kid-friendly choices, and deliver the meals to the schools five days a week. Parents select the lunches from an easy to use online ordering program that lists the featured restaurants and menu choices kids know and love.
  • High Quality Restaurant Lunch Delivery

    We all know that children’s palates are not as developed as teens or adults. We take great strides to ensure that our offerings are simple yet tasty. Our restaurant partners serve the foods you grew up on and they do it in portions that are appropriate for children and with ingredients that are healthy to create a menu that is balanced and appealing for the kids. If it’s not kid-friendly, it’s not on our menu!
  • Discover Healthy, Delicious School Lunches Prepared Fresh

    At Wholesome Food Services, we present a convenient option for both parents and students. For most students, having a restaurant-quality meal is much more enjoyable than cafeteria food, so parents have the peace of mind, that children will actually eat their lunch. Parents can rest assured that their children are consuming the highest quality food choices and delicious, healthy options that help their children to focus, to learn and to grow. Contact us to learn more!